Peki Pele


Peki Pele started playing music very young, with a serious intention to release records on vinyl. He received the attention of the general public after his first release Deguté for the collective “više manje zauvijek” from Zagreb, a label that has Svemirko, Phantom, Dzutko… and other artists who gravitate towards them.

Although Peki Pele tries to be mysterious and does not reveal his true identity, between the lines in his biography it is suggested that he is a person with a fine sense of humor and a man who listens to a wide range of music. He says for himself that in the style of his home production he combines dancing pop with punk aesthetics, which is why neither pop fans nor punks accept him, and we believe that the Skopje audience will generously accept this talented young musician, who in his musical expression deeply ingrained the synth pop / new wave sensibility of the 1980s. Peki Pele performs as a live duo and we are looking forward to seeing him for the first time in our city.