About us


ZDRAVO MLADI is a progressive music festival, which aims to offer quality, fresh and alternative music from around the world. Music is known for bringing people together, but only good music has the power to unite them. Hence, the youth from Skopje, through this latest program of the Youth Cultural Center, has the opportunity to get to know each other better and listen to different and eclectic music.

ZDRAVO MLADI exists to feel the pulse of the existing independent culture and thus – to bring bands and artists who are up to date with modern and contemporary music from the independent scene. We are slowly and stubbornly moving towards our 10th edition. From an incidental event, to a definition of a good show.

New music first friends!

ZDRAVO MLADI performers:
No Age, Handsome Furs, Bomb The Bass, Ulrich Schnauss, ХАХАХА, Nasekomix, Hemendex, Krishke, Adi, No Sin, Lushlife, Sashko Kostov & Dimitar Dodovski, Toni Dimitrov (visuals), Matias Aguayo, Rebolledo, Stuttgart Online, Repetitor (x2), Obojeni Program, Electricity in our homes, While, SIZ, June, Culture Development, Mirko Popov, Prinzorn Dance School (x2), Sethstat, InDOG (visuals), Bitches, Ti (x2), Girls Names, Chinawoman, FM Belfast, Green Out, Konrad Kuechenmeister, Ulterior, Game Over, [DJ Rashad] & DJ Spinn, Kanton 6, VJ Vidbeat (visuals), CHKCHKCHK, Disciplin A Kitschme, The Soft Moon, Trus, Fonija, Hannu Hakinnen (visuals), Lepi Xhoni, Surtukler, RIB, Conquering Lion, KIR, Moodswinger, Vlasta Popić, Orchestra Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Artan Lili, METZ, Bernays Propaganda, Gonjasufi, Lee Ronaldo & El Rayo, Liima, Föllakzoid, Moon Duo, Legijata, Tajcido, Slowdive, King Khan & The Shrines, Kite Base, The Underground Youth, K-X-P, Kreidler, Tapan, Demek, WoO, 33.10.3402, Cigarettes After Sex, Wooden Shjips, Blanck Mass, Flohio, Palindrom, Camera, Eric Copeland, Don Playa x Bon Praskiza, Druggy, Ogie x Petr, Crnila Remix (world premiere), Stefan Heckel (photo exhibition), Nipplepeople, Operators, Mueran Humanos, Stojche, Vivian Koch, Conforce, Scott McLoud (solo), Alex Acid, Svemirko, Dillon, Fujiya & Miyagi, ZeeBomb, Matej Foltz, Rib, Zdenko Petrovski (photo exhibition), Loshko vs. Emily…