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Fujiya & Miyagi /  

Fujiya & Miyagi are a British group formed in Brighton, East Sussex in 2000. The current line-up consists of David Best (vocals and guitar), Stephen Lewis (synths and vocals), Ed Chivers (drums), Ben Adamo & Ben Farestuedt (bass and vocals). They have released seven studio albums: Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style (2002), Transparent Things (2006), Lightbulbs (2008), Ventriloquizzing (2011), Artificial Sweeteners (2014), Fujiya & Miyagi (2017), Different Blades from the Same Pair of Scissors (2017), and Flashback (2019).

The seventh album from alternative dance act Fujiya & Miyagi, Flashback arrives during their 20th year as a band behind founders David Best and Steve Lewis. With a title that nods to inspirations from their outer-London suburban youth, including ’80s breakdancing and electro, the seven-song outing sees them refine their mix of murmured Krautrock, funk, and post-punk across a record that seems to settle into a continuous groove, at least until the final track.