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STOJCHE (Tangible Assets, A.r.t.less) /  

Stojche Cvetanovski (born in 1984 in Skopje) is just a regular rebel trapped in the urban chaos of the 21st century. The trigger factor that inspired him, was the local underground techno scene in Skopje. A city described by Derrick May and Juan Atkins as “the leading hub for Detroit techno on the Balkan Peninsula”. The expansion of the motor city sounds in the Macedonian capital and his mania for vinyl records triggered Stojche to explore his path and dig deeper in this futuristic music phenomenon. After a decade devoted to djing, he shifted to producing, and in 2009 he co-founded “Argumento Music”. He is one of the names on the European circuit that broke through with contributions to labels like A.r.t.less, DMK, Subwax, Grounded in Humanity, Sounds Benefit, Freund Der Familie alongside others. In 2011 he launched his solo imprint “Tangible Assets”. An outlet that has given him the freedom to explore and refine his trademark Detroit – influenced dubbed out productions. “Tangible Assets” reflects a personal statement with emphasized appreciation for the techno history. His discography marked him as one of the names that is still pushing forward the timeless envelope of the initial “hi-tech soul” legacy. In contrast, his dj sets provide further evidence of years spent behind the turntables, resulting in pounding journeys with a dose of emotional content. His constant pursuit for inspiration sits balanced with the pulse of the city life. Locked away in his studio in Berlin where passion and process all catalyze into waveforms of intense voyages, executed by a man who is well in tune with his craft.