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ZeeBomb & Matej Foltz /
Hip Hop

ZeeBomb & Matej Foltz /  

This group of creative minds started making music in 2014. Following the announcement of the first Zeebomb cypher – “Boomcore” (25.02.2014), the 20 year old creator – Matej Foltz also got inspired and started writing, who by then was making beats with Shishka (Damjan Shishkovski) and Naste (Nikola Nastevski).

Matej Foltz won the audience with his authenticity, which he delivered into hits like “Ponedelnik” and “Ideja”. The first Zeebomb song to catch the public’s attention was last year’s “Plen”, and this year the duo received the attention they deserve with the hits “Se za mojot tim” and “Laganini”. ZeeBomb along with frequent collaborator, rapper Matej Foltz have already built their fan base and are working on new projects.