Exhibition by Sali Ertunc

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Exhibition by Sali Ertunc




Punk-art Brut

“The 25th Picture – The Unheard, the Unseen and the Unspoken” – Exhibition by Sali Ertunc

Young Macedonian artist Sali Ertunc will present a solo exhibition at the festival. Regarding the idea and motive of the exhibition, he says:

“The banned 25th film is a famous experiment by James Vicary. With his “experiment” he managed, subconsciously, to insert emotions in moviegoers, and the 25th image was mostly a food ad industry. This experiment was later banned due to its great potential for manipulating viewers, and except as a horror theme in movies, the 25thimage was no longer used… Or so we believe. Today, years later after the famous experiment, we encounter different situations every day, which we tolerate / ignore, so this phenomenon becomes the “new normal” of modern society. A crying child is calmed by the parent with the helpt of a mobile device – TOLERATED! Apathy for youth politics – TOLERATED! Unnecessarily forced excitement for capitalist purposes aka HYPE – TOLERATED! These are our “25th picture” in real life with whose help civilization is led in a new / old, right / wrong direction, and evolution continues. With a series of drawings, pictures, graphics and several installations, the forbidden / the artist’s message, like James V.’s forbidden experiment, will be exposed to the public in order to emphasize intolerance.”