PMG Kolektiv

Client: Ирска
Services: чиста магија






PMG-Kolektiv is one of the most valuable bands on our scene, which is currently working on the 9th album in a row, and there are about 30 behind еditions. One of the few bands in our country that can have a one hour set with megahits – killers, not fillers … This is exactly what PMG-Kolektiv announces for their first appearance at ZDRAVO MLADI! We are following them from the very beginning. We witnessed their first performance on one of the Taksirat evenings at YCC in 2005. Crowded B2 at the promotion of the first, cult “Resonator”, then promotions in Castro, club concerts, all the way to the big scenes at all established Macedonian festivals… We watched the band go through its various stages and sets, as it grew and matured, and we consider that this lineup – the trio Popov, Eftimov and Gavrovski – is what’s actually the core of PMG Kolektiv. Simple, honest and clean, with great excitement and impatience we can’t wait for this inseparable trio to play on August 27 in the YCC Park on the jubilee tenth edition of the festival. They will present part of the new material, but they will also honor us with their timeless hits – Skopjanka, Manekenki ,80ti / 90ti, Ti si mojot svet, Control…